About Acupuncture

The ancient art of acupuncture helps to balance your body and mind to restore your health. Traditional acupuncture is based on Chinese theories of the flow of energy (Qi) and blood (Xue) through distinct pathways throughout the body. Modern science research has demonstrated that acupuncture can activate multiple biological responses through nerve stimulation, which includes releasing natural anti-inflammatories and pain killers from our own body, regulating neural transmitters and natural hormone production associated with pain relief, managing symptoms and balancing hormone production and immune responses to enhance healing.

Acupuncture is safe and hygienic, and it does not typically cause discomfort during treatments. Each patient is unique, and we will address any concerns you may have during our initial session to personalize your treatment. Your journey to increased well-being is our commitment each step of the way.

In addition, traditional Chinese treatments, such as herbal medicine and dietary therapy, can help to improve overall health and vitality. We invite you to explore the many ways Garden City Acupuncture can work with you to transform and reinvigorate your health.